Mad about Monsters

A while back when I met up with some online plant friends for the first time, the question got asked, 'What's your poison, are you into Succulents, Philodendrons...?' and honestly I was stumped. My answer was a questionable 'I'm into all plants?'. Well, some time has passed, and I can tell you that yes, although … Continue reading Mad about Monsters

I blog your pardon

It's been quite a while since my last blog post! For good reason too, when I haven't been mothering the animals and the baby, or watering my hoard of plants I've been moonlighting for the gardening app, Candide. My job at Candide mostly consisted of adding industry related businesses to their database, or writing articles … Continue reading I blog your pardon

Growing Green

I grew up in Johannesburg - a city with about 6 million trees to its name. As a child, there was something wonderful about living in this treed-up city. Whether you were walking to the corner cafe or visiting the park, the presence of nature and the knobbly trees provided a great sanctuary for my … Continue reading Growing Green

Get happier, get plants

I won’t throw a percentage into the first sentence to convince you that having plants will make you happier. But I will tell you that numerous studies have shown that not only do they make you happier, but they can also lower stress levels, increase job satisfaction, lower blood pressure and make you more intelligent. Not bad … Continue reading Get happier, get plants

Are your houseplants sparking joy?

Yesterday, after 5 weeks, I returned back to my house - and plants. It was an amazing experience walking into a green home and my eyes feasted on every inch of every corner, taking in the status of each green child. It was also exhilarating to see the progress of all my plants. Most plant … Continue reading Are your houseplants sparking joy?


Ferndale nursery is an all time favourite of the Constantia Valley. I often go to Ferndale, being that its relatively close to me and I'm very seldom disappointed in what I find. Here is a breakdown of the categories that might help you decide if you need to put this on your list of nurseries … Continue reading Ferndale