Plant Club

Do you love plants? Do you love gifts? Then welcome to the club!

The Plant Club opens up a green world of opportunity! Each month you will receive a surprise plant, a care & info guide and a plant-related gift in the mail. A lucky packet for plant lovers!

Some questions you might want answers to:

How much does it cost? The basic package is R350 and includes delivery.

Where does the plant club deliver to? We deliver all over South Africa. If you are based in an outlying area, there is an extra R50 delivery fee. Packages will be sent directly to your house or place of work.

When will I receive my package? Packages are sent out on the first Monday of the month so as to minimise storage time for plants. Delivery to central areas take 2-3 days and to outlying areas around 5 days.

What type of plants will I receive? We will aim to cover all bases for plant enthusiasts. For example, over 3 months, you might receive at least 1 semi -rare plant, 1 house plant and 1 succulent.

What type of gifts are included in the deal? There are many different gifts that might be included, including macrame hangers, ceramic planters and gift vouchers.

Great! When and where can I sign up? The first gift will be sent out in the first week of every month. If you think this appeals to you, send us a message at and we’ll take it from there!