The Plants

The Classic boxes included Philodendron Florida plants. One of the reasons I love these plants so much is that they can grow really large and their leaf shape also changes drastically as they mature. I currently have one outside my kitchen door that has grown up to my shoulders. The beauties included in this month’s box are also quite big so they give you an immediate jungle vibe. 

The Collectors received a very sought-after plant- a Philodendron Florida Beauty ‘Ghost’. When they mature, these plants look like a Philodendron Florida however the newest leaves are white and as they get older they turn green. This means on a singular plant you can get leaves that are white, cream, lime, or green. Your plant is further classified as a ‘Mint’ variant, and this is evident in the dappled ‘mint’ colouring on some of the leaves. This attribute makes them pretty sought after. These plants are juvenile and so you will see as they grow, their leaf shape will slowly start changing.


The Collaboration

 For this month’s collaboration, we partnered with two amazing brands, E.d.e.n Skin Body Soul and Poles and Plants

 In 2020, Bianca found herself in a dark place and consequently discovered a love for self-care and candles. Wanting to share that with people, she decided to start E.d.e.n Skin Body Soul, aptly named after her daughter, Eden. You can now find Bianca making candles in the evenings or on weekends when she is not at a craft market. In the classic box, members received a hand-made candle and in the collector’s box, a pamper box with a candle, a bar of soap and a bath bomb. Give Bianca a follow on Instagram (@eden_skinbodysoul), or contact her directly on 086 003 5524. 


I originally came across Poles and Plants founder, Darren, through his personal plant documentation account on Instagram – @plantdadchronicles. I love following his plant-care tips and tricks and I honestly was so glad when he decided to take this passion further and start Poles and Plants. From this collaboration, you’ll find a bundle of plant stakes which are a product that has just been launched. These stakes, made out of recycled perspex, are awesome to write down the plant names you keep forgetting or to jot down the last time you watered or fertilised those fuss pots. The stakes look nice just by themselves too! Give @polesandplants a follow on Instagram and you can contact Darren directly for any orders on 072 361 9953. 

If you’d like to sign up for our mystery plant club boxes, you can do so here. The next box is the July box and goes out on the 4th of July.