The Plants

The Classic boxes included Calathea Freddie plants. This Brazilian plant has striking green foliage that’s detailed with alternating pinstripes. Most people shrink away when they hear ‘Calathea’. This is because Calathea is known to be a fussy plant genus. However, Fred over here is a good friend and won’t make you want to tear your hair out. 

The Collectors received a very sought-after plant- a Philodendron soidroi ornatum. The shimmering silver patches on the soidroi’s leaves are something to behold and have led to the plant also being called the ‘Silver Leaf Philodendron’. Native to the South American tropics, botanists are still unsure whether the plant is its own species or rather a variety of ornatum. Therefore, growers currently use the names interchangeably. 

The Collaboration

For this month’s collaboration, we partnered with three amazing brands, Shellfie, Greywoodgreen and Sensu Lifestyle.

Is that a shell? A Leaf? An ornament? It’s a Shellfie! From the outside, these shells look completely normal, turn them over, and they have the sweetest secret life inside of them. Shellfie was brought to life by two moms, Theresa and Danny, who love to be creative. With empty nests and rainy day meetups, this is their latest project. These shells were specifically designed with a jungle theme for us tropical lovers. They’re great for table settings, party favours or simply sitting on a shelf smiling down at you. Contact Danny, on 083 303 8685, to place any orders.

Greywoodgreen is an amazing online plant shop. Specialising in rare plants, one cannot help and gawk at their shop’s collection. The force behind the business is husband and wife, Jaun and Esmari. Located in Pretoria, with two boys, Esmari’s mum and two dogs – you can believe that their house is a busy jungle. This month they’ve added their favourite slow-release fertiliser to our boxes as well as a discount to their online shop (perfect for the beginning of the month). Find them on Instagram and Facebook.

Sensu Lifestyle is a concept that came naturally to Pauli. The brand’s mindfulness pillar connects beautifully with the meditative awareness that tending to plants brings. This month, we are happy to be including their Halo Plant Hangers in our boxes- they’re wonderfully crafted plant hanger that displays your draping plants at an incline. To see what else Sensu has to offer, visit their website.


If you’d like to sign up for our mystery plant club boxes, you can do so here. The next box is the September box and goes out on the 5th of September.