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I’m Saffron. With over 400 indoor plants, I’ve found my passion in life and I want to share that happiness with as many people as possible. I blog among other things about what it’s like to live in a jungle house, raising a toddler to be plant friendly and the South African plant community.

With a passion about expanding that community, I started Saffron’s Garden Plant Club – a subscription based service that surprises members with a new plant and plant-related gift each month.

South Africa is home to many plant lovers and entrepreneurs and I’m always happy to make new friends, if you have any questions or just want to reach out, I’d love to hear from you. 

Make a Jungle

I’ve loved being a part of the Saffron’s Garden Plant Club community. As a hobbyist, Saffron has taught me so much and brought incredible new plants into my home. I learn something new each month and I love that she’s there to provide tips and tricks when I need a little help.

Misha Levin

Latest from the Blog

Let’s Fertilise!

It’s that the time of the year where all you hear about is fertiliser. When do I fertilise, how do I fertilise, which fertiliser do I use… as a new plant parent it can all be bit daunting. I’m here to tell you there is no one-fit solution or clear cut answer. This is how … Continue reading Let’s Fertilise!

Plant Club: September 2021

It’s Spring! And the plants are just everywhere! This has to be the best time of the year for a plant lover, because there is so much growth happening. It’s the perfect time for a plant box! And here’s what was in this month’s box: The Plants Hello Monsteras! We decided to bring plant collecting … Continue reading Plant Club: September 2021

Photographing your plants

I love taking photographs of my plants. I do it on the daily. But I definitely had to start somewhere, and it wasn’t something that came to me naturally. In 2016, at the very beginning of my Saffron’s Garden days, I was quite awful at it. Looking back at the photos I can see that … Continue reading Photographing your plants

Humidity and Plants

Humidity is the relative amount of water vapour that the air can hold at a given time. This is usually measured on a scale of 0% to 100%. 0% on the one side is very dry and 100% is very wet. Often plant blogs suggest around 60-80% humidity levels for your plants to thrive. But … Continue reading Humidity and Plants