The Plants

The Classic boxes included a beautiful Monstera Peru plant (Monstera karstenianum). This is the first batch of Monstera Peru plants to become available to the larger public in South Africa. These plants are extremely sought after and are a collector’s dream. We were super lucky to have been able to snag some beautiful and large specimens for the Plant Club. Monstera Peru are native to South America and they make for a great house plant as they don’t grow very large and their glossy, textured leaves are aesthetically pleasing

I only recently stumbled across this species and I was shocked that I had never heard of them before. The red backing on their foliage is absolutely remarkable and I have not stopped staring at them. These guys have been imported but have spent a fair amount of time acclimatising in my greenhouse. The leaves can get up to 40cm in length and your plant will be best displayed climbing up a moss pole or from below where you can see the red back.

The Collaboration

For this month’s collaboration, we partnered with Faatimah from Cotton Tailed. Faatimah is a stay-at-home mum who needed something to keep her motivated and so she turned her crochet passion into a tiny business.

The Classic and Collector’s boxes received a crochet cactus keychain. These crochet cactus keychains took over a month to make as Faatimah is a one-man show. However, for this collaboration, both her sons were roped in to help with the keychain hardware. We also added some beautiful crochet hanging basket covers into the Collector’s boxes and with their neutral tones, they definitely fit into any aesthetic.

Being passionate about plants, the inspiration for these botanical-themed products came naturally to Faatimah. If you’d like to put in your own order, you can message Faatimah directly on 0658251111. 


If you’d like to sign up for our mystery plant club boxes, you can do so here. The next box is the June box and goes out on the 6th of June.