The Plants

The Classic boxes included Rhapidophora tetrasperma (Mini Monstera) plants. I absolutely LOVE these plants so much that I have 4 of them in my house. I think I paid R600 for my first one about 3 years ago, that’s how hard they were to find in South Africa! My favourite one is in my foyer climbing up a large wall next to a painting. It is for sure a statement piece and really creates that urban jungle vibe. 


The Collectors received a very sought-after plant- an Alocasia micholitziana ‘Frydek’. I remember seeing one on Instagram a while ago and fell madly in love. These plants have amazing dark green and velvet foliage with dark white veins. These guys are from the sub-tropical regions of Australia and South East Asia and one can almost imagine them glinting amongst the lush foliage of competing plants. 


The Collaboration

This month we had Ronen and Louise from Minimaal & Mooi add the most divine propagation stations to our boxes. Rosewood and tube glass was the name of the game and they give off a minimalist, warm aesthetic to any home. I have a beautiful begonia cutting in mine and it makes for a perfect centerpiece on my coffee table. In fact, we’re so in love, you can treat yourself to a 15% discount code from their online shop, simply add Saffron22 upon check out to qualify. What makes me love this company, even more, is that their outlook is completely sustainable, and have partnered with local companies that have quality excess wood to use in the making of their propagation stations. You can also find a host of other goodies that they hand make – plant wall brackets, floating frames, knife holders – you name it! 


If you’d like to sign up for our mystery plant club boxes, you can do so here. The next box is the May box and goes out on the 2nd of May.