The Plants

 The Classic boxes included Philodendron Birkin plants. These are one of my favourite plants and a few years ago you would have been unable to find them in South Africa. We’re super lucky they have recently become more available. The fascinating thing about these guys is that their variegation and other characteristics are actually due to a genetic mutation present in the Philodendron ‘Rojo Congo’ – so if your plant starts reverting it can actually turn back into a ‘Rojo Congo’. 


The Collectors received a very sought-after plant- a Philodendron Melanochrysum. I’ve long wanted one so of course kept one for myself. These plants have amazing dark green and velvet foliage. When they get older, their leaves almost take on a shiny black tint, resulting in their nickname ‘Black Gold’. I’m happy to report that these plants are easy to look after and that they grow super fast. I’ve already made so many cuttings from mine. 


The Collaboration

Susie from The Drying Room created the most amazing preserved botanicals for our boxes. In the Classic box, subscribers received little bunches of dried flowers and in the Collectors boxes, extravagant wreaths with a simple palate were included. Susie gathers all the botanicals herself from her garden and she has curated a lifestyle that many long for – animals, kiddos and plants are her forté and we would highly suggest following her on Instagram to see what she gets up to from ducks waddling around to flower picking there’s always a wistful peace around her. 


If you’d like to sign up to our mystery plant club boxes, you can do so here. The next box is the April box and goes out on the 4th of April.