It’s the month of love, and what do we love more than anything? PLANTS! This month’s box went out only two weeks after the January box went out – so it was a bit of a traffic jam in getting everything prepared (as is everything this time of the year) – BUT we had so much fun with our packing process and really enjoyed seeing the final product come together.

The plants

Kangaroo Fern. Ok so hear me out, a lot of people get very scared when they hear the word ‘Fern’ because ferns can generally be very needy and constantly throw tantrums because their care needs aren’t being met. BUT. The Kangaroo Fern is a completely different kind of beast, it’s very much hardy and is a beautiful grower. A true classic plant for the Classic box.

In the collector’s boxes, I was lucky enough to source some beautiful variegated Syngonium with big leaves. These guys are very popular and I love how they are fast growers- I’ve made numerous cuttings from mine over the years and have gifted them left right and centre.

The Gifts

This month we collaborated with Wonder Meyer, an amazing illustrator, who I first came across when I purchased some jungle-themed stickers of hers a few years back. For the Classic box we had a weekly planner included in the box – I’m already using mine on the regular.

For the Collector’s boxes, hardcover journals in various designs were included. My favourite has to be the wildflower journal.

One thing is for sure, we’re in love with Wonder Meyer and her work. Check her out over here.

Thank you February for giving us just the best!