November was fantastic! If not for any other reason than the fact that we welcomed a new addition to our team and family – Baby August. He’s a cutie. We also spruced up our space in our warehouse, and may at some point have a little retail space set up on the odd occasion.

Because November has us in the midst of the growing season I thought it was important to introduce members to a plant care tool. We also had some plant decor feature in the box and the plants were all of the Scindapsus family.

The Plants

Scindapsus was on the cards for this month. And I have to say that it is a very, very special plant family for me because I really do think that each species is really gorgeous and am currently, slowly building up my collection.

In the Classic box, Plant Club members received a Scindapsus pictus ‘Exotica’. This beauty has silver-like variegation and the leaves can, with pretty standard conditions, reach a large size. I often hold my hand up to my latest pictus leaf and am always shocked by the size. These plants are also great for either trailing or climbing.

In the Collector’s box, a new plant featured that I personally haven’t seen before – was a Scindapsus treubii ‘Moonlight’. These are pretty hard to come by in South Africa and I’ve only seen the odd one imported. It’s long been a plant on my wish list with growing my Scindapsus collection and I just love the way its leaves have a silver shimmer to them – they’re actually also known as a Sterling Silver plant too due to their colouring.

The Gifts

We are extremely lucky to share a warehouse space with Su-Mari from Cape Laser Cut and were able to witness her work first hand. When we found out that she made Monstera coasters, well it was love at first sight.

Before the pandemic, fridge magnets and their Christmas range were the winners for Cape Laser Cut, but once COVID hit and the tourists left, they were pleasantly surprised that their coasters started doing really well on the local market. A blessing in these strange times.

For the Collector’s box, we stepped it up and added Monstera place mats to their boxes. I’m super excited for the hot summer days, with these plats mats on my table under a tree. They’re a whole vibe and just subtly remind your guests that they’re in Indoor-Jungle territory.

I’ve mentioned this before, but now is the perfect time to be fertilising your plants. One brand that I’ve recently tried out and really enjoyed using is Trugrower. It’s an organic fertiliser that can be used directly on foliage or used in watering your plants. Needless to say, each Plant Club member received a Trugrower mixture. They also included a 20% discount voucher to their website. Love those vouchers!

If you’d like to sign up for December’s subscription – you can purchase a subscription here.