October is my birthday month, and I’ve always seen it as a time for celebration. So we cranked up the creativity and made a super green month of it.

The Plants

The Classic boxes had beautiful Philodendron brasil plants in them. Originating from Central America and the Caribbean, these heartleaf plants are beautiful with their lime and cream swathes across dark deep green leaves. What makes them even better is that not only do they grow really fast but they’re also pretty easy to look after. I have two large brasils hanging on my porch and they have beautiful long vines adding a tropical feel to the whole area.

For the Collector’s box, we went an extra step and roped in Orchid Love SA to help import Philodendron camposportoanum for us from Taiwan and boy were we happy when they arrived. These beauties have new leaves that are a sort of orange blush and as they get older they become darker and more velvet like and they change into a lobe shape AND then as if they need to prove themselves further, the leaves will become tri-lobed. This means that at any given time your plant can have 2-3 different shaped leaves.


The Gifts

WTF (Writing the Future) developed and created some amazing plant stakes that really are a step up in your aesthetic game. These stakes have been made to look like Monstera leaves and are made from bamboo. WTF also specialises in planners, journals and notebooks and the attention to detail is amazing. If you’re looking for a 2022 journal or calendar, take a look here.

We were super lucky this month that it also happened to be Garden Day on the 17nth of October, So the Garden Day team made sure our subscribers were ready for the day by adding flower crown kits to the boxes. I had so much fun making mine, and I got a lot of photos and messages from Club members showing off their designs.

Finally, we made sure to include the Outside & In Spring edition to the boxes. This magazine can usually be found at a your local garden centre, but what a treat to have it delivered straight to your door! What I love about this magazine is that it’s free but the content is amazingly relevant and the knowledge sourced is really great. Bonus: You can find a piece I wrote on indoor plants and toxicity.


Pair a pot

Needing something to dress your plant up with? Take a look at these selected options. The Philodendron brasil were in 15cm plastic pots, so anything wider than 16cm in diameter should fit your plant well. The collector’s Philodendron camposportoanum was in a 12.5cm pots, so anything above that would fit your pot.