It’s Spring! And the plants are just everywhere! This has to be the best time of the year for a plant lover, because there is so much growth happening. It’s the perfect time for a plant box! And here’s what was in this month’s box:

The Plants

Hello Monsteras! We decided to bring plant collecting back to the basics and the Classic subscribers got an absolutely classic plant in their box: a Monstera deliciosa. I love these plants and have about 4 of them in my house. They’re fast growers and tend to be very hardy and easy to look after. They’re the perfect plant for beginners and plant enthusiasts alike. The plants were a good size in a 14cm pot and had large healthy leaves and stems. I dare say some pots may even have had two plants in them!

For the Collector’s plant, I was extremely happy and proud to be able to source a plant that is not often found in South Africa: A Monstera standleyana. These guys have the most beautiful variegation on their leaves and are definitely (in my eyes) a worthy competitor of the Variegated Monstera deliciosa. Their common name is ‘The Five Hole Plant’ (similar to the Adansonii) and I’m not quite sure why – I don’t see a hole, never mind five of them.

The Gifts

The Classic boxes received baskets by the very talented Tatenda Woven Baskets. I’ve long been an admirer of their woven goods and when I used to live in the city, I would often see them at their spot outside De Waal park. However it wasn’t until I saw them on Instagram more recently that I leapt at the chance to collaborate with them. Weaving over 100 baskets is no small feat, and we had to plan months in advance with Richard and Precious- the duo behind Tatenda. I finally met up with them, before they headed off for a visit back home to Zimbabwe, to get the baskets. We may be masked up in the photo, but the smiles are big. You can check them out and follow them on their journey on Instagram.

Our second collaboration was with I.Fig.U.Not, who you may remember added some amazing plant caps in our February boxes. Well when I saw their new product hit the shelves, I knew it would be an awesome little something to be added to our boxes. Enter the beautiful ‘wood lasercut leaves’. These were added in both the Classic and Collector’s boxes. There were a variety of leaves that went out, so who knows, did you receive a Monstera leaf? Or a Philodendron Florida leaf? Or how about a Alocasia Sarian leaf?

It’s up to you how you want to use the leaves. Here are some suggestions: Key tag, Xmas tree ornament, wall decor or if you decide to buy some more you can string them up as bunting. I’ll personally be adding mine to a mobile I’m making for our upcoming baby. If you’d like to keep up with Theresa from I.Fig.U.Not, check her out here.

Last but not least, inspired by the dappled variegation of the Standleyana we added beautiful handmade ceramic pots from Michells ceramics. Half terracotta and half glazed white, we thought they would pair wonderfully. This is not the first time we’ve added a Michells pot and it certainly won’t be the last. We just love their quality and the look of the pots.

And that’s it from us folks! We hope you have a MONSTER of a month and we can’t wait for you to open your October boxes. If you’d like to purchase a subscription, just head on over here.