I looked really hard for some amazing plants for this month. The idea was to get something colourful for the classic boxes and a rare plant for the collector’s box that I have in my collection that I thought would be something special for collectors.

The Plants

The classic box included a beautiful medium sized Ficus tineke – a variety of Rubber tree that has amazing red, cream and green colouration of the leaves. Rubber trees are great plants to start collecting because there are so many varieties and they’re all pretty easy to look after. They’re also super trendy and are a great accent plant to have in your home.

If you’d like to check out other Rubber tree species that you can collect, take a look at this Pinterest board with some beauties.

I am such a huge fan of velvet leaves on plants, and I really wanted to share this love with the collectors. So I chose a plant that is not an easy one to find at your general nursery: An Anthurium magnificum x papillilaminum.

I have about 5 of these guys in my collection, and what absolutely amazes me is the way they can grow so differently and how big the leaves get.

Both the Collector’s and Classic subscribers received an amazing plant from Plantae Orchid – An Aeschynanthus ‘Thai Pink’ which is quire plant to find in South Africa. Plantae Orchids also were very kind to include a voucher for 10% off for Plant Club members for their online shop.

Plantae Orchids wast started in 2004 by Tinus and Nollie and they are fantastic at growing quality hard to find indoor plants. You can read more about them over here.

Here is what a mature Aescynanthus ‘Thai Pink’ can look like:

The Gifts

We had some fantastic brands collaborate with us this month. Sensu Lifestyle collaborated with us again this month, for the classic boxes they created beautiful prints of a Ficus tineke, and for the collector’s- prints of the Anthurium magnificum. So not only do you have the plant, but you have its imaged captured for prosperity. Sensu Lifestyle also contributed some amazing pure and certified organic Neem oil. – You won’t come by that so easily. And it was so beautifully and lovingly packaged. If you’d like to check out the plant collection from Sensu lifestyle, please look here.

Last but not least, the Collector’s box also received some stunning boxes from Binx and Twine. Binx and Twine is a lockdown business that was started by busy mom Bianca. It was a means to grow towards something while still being able to be present for her family – a sentiment most working moms will understand. Binx has always been her nickname, and so the brand was born!

Binx and Twine is a purely local brand – all the wooden logos and wood trays that form part of her trays are from local businesses. Bianca does do custom designs and is looking at expanding her range of products with all the ideas she has. For more, look here.

Thank you so much to all the subscribers and the contributors. I really feel like every month we bring the community closer together.

Pair a Pot

If you’d like to pair a pot with your plants, specifically the Tineke and the Aeschynanthus since they came in plastic pots, take a look here at some of my suggestions.

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