I had so many people reaching out to let me know how much they enjoyed the contents of this month’s box. And I must say I made sure that I kept some goodies for myself – because that’s how cool they are. So without further adue:

The Plants

Senecio radicans AKA String of Beads was the plant in the Classic box. We paired it with a rustic terracotta pot that will make any succulent happy. Especially for all of us over-waterers – remember terracotta absorbs water and in doing so will help you avoid soggy roots. String of Beads has been made readily available at certain supermarket chains and at a good price. Unfortunately these plants weren’t a) potted in the correct soil and b) didn’t have well formed root systems – resulting in many people complaining about the difficulty of the plant and how it died. It’s unfortunate but if you were one of these people, I can guarantee that it wasn’t your fault, the plant was set up to fail from the beginning. In any case, now you have a fat juicy String of Beads to make your day brighter.

In the Collector’s box, we included a String of Turtles (Peperomia rotundifolia). This has to be one of the cutest plants on earth and definitely one of my favourite. They were quite hard to find at one point and I remember buying the tiniest cutting for a huge price. It unfortunately died a very slow death (from a mixture of overwatering and then underwatering) and I tried to nurse a very small leafless stem back to life – to no avail. So when I saw the chance I JUMPED at getting these guys. They’re adorable and are a MUST for any collector.

The Gifts

Graham from Growing Solutions has created these stunning grow bags revolutionising the way we can grow our plants. The material is super breathable – making those roots extra happy and the bags themselves are pleasing on the eye. You could plant your plant directly into the bag, or if you’re here more for the lewks, use it as a pot cover. You can order more of these from Graham. Whatsapp him on 061 532 4012. He delivers nationally and this might just be the step up your plants need from their old pots. You can also find him on social media, here and here.

Everleaf Studio has been a new exciting player in the plant accessory world and with some luck we got to collaborate with Nikky on this month’s box with some beautiful pins. The pins feature a Philodendron Pink Princess or a Philodendron White Knight. They’re beautiful and pins are such a great way to express your plant parenthood journey. If you’d like to shop them, you can go here. Also make sure to follow Everleaf Studio for new product reveals.

It was great being able to make March 2021 a significantly lot better than March 2020. Thanks to everybody for helping put this box together.