We love getting to know our Plant Club members and what makes them tick. It’s a great way to really understand our community and to connect plant lovers with plant lovers. So it was to our great delight to get to know Charlize Otto and we took the opportunity to really delve into her plant journey, also note, our replies in italics.

1. Ok. So plant hoarder now, but What got you into plants?

Way back in the day I remember always sticking my feet into the holes in the dirt that my gran had dug to redo her garden for the 100th time. The feel of the soft soil compared with the grossness of compost really got my four year old brain going. It was bliss. After we moved away from Pretoria to the windy Cape, I only got back into plants during a dark time in my life where the green children kept me going by keeping them alive. – I can relate. Plant’s are a great way to connect to a small piece of joy.

2. Ok difficult question, Do you have a favourite? 

Vrek, it would be between a Strelitzia and my Staghorn fern. – I’m the same, can’t resist a Staghorn fern!

3. Give us the goods, do you have any favourite places where you purchase plants from?

Dville garden centre, excellent for outdoor gardening! Plantify and Folha for all my rare planty needs.

4. I’d love to know: How did you find out about the Plant Club?

Through a friend that I got into plants! She found it before me! – Thank you Friend!

5. Do you have any friends that are into plants or are you the weird one in the group? 

Listen, weird is my trademark. I’ve definitely reached peak plant procurer, but everyone seems to love my humid home!

6. What’s been your favourite items/plants from the Plant Club so far?

My cap x100 from @fig_u_not! I love it! I think it’s hella functional for normal everyday wear as well as long hot days in the garden outside.

7. Are you an under-waterer or an over-waterer? 

Under. I had succulents before graduating straight to a Calathea Musaica who was calling my name. It was definitely a shock.

8. Do you follow any other plant-related pages on Instagram?

Yep, plantstagram has an abundance of tips, tricks and pretty pictures. @botany_noob please notice me! *Followed*

9. Any wish list plants?

Calathea Orbifolia and a Spotted Begonia.

10. 3 facts about you that are less known?

I’m very VERY Afrikaans. – lekker man!

I’m probably one of the biggest tech nerds. I’ve been coding a self watering system for my plants that sends an email when they need water! – woah that’s awesome, set me up?

I’m obsessed with anatomy and history so I collect skulls, but my kryptonite is little antique bottles from way back when. oo, I love the little blue ones

Charlie, it was wonderful getting to know you! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and I hope your plant journey is a successful and happy one.

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