As someone who loves the thrill of surprises, I get twice the delight in selecting the perfect plant each month for your surprise box and, for pairing the plant up with quality products… This month’s box was no exception. 


With the days getting longer and the gradual shift towards summer, I felt that the Mammillaria species was the perfect plant for celebrating the sun this November. 

The mammillarias have a festive flair which makes perfect sense as they are native to Mexico, however some come from the southwest United States, the Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala and Hondurashas. 

There are 200 known species and varieties, so it is fitting that this month we chose 5 varieties of this special plant. For our classic subscribers we selected: Mammillaria Ernestii | Mammillaria Pilcayensis (Bristle Brush) | Mammillaria Mystax | Mammillaria Elongata (Ladyfinger Cactus), and for the Collectors: the unique Mammillaria Elongata Cristata (Brain Cactus).


Included in the box were a spiffy Skinny laMinx stash bag, a Blumat South Africa watering device (great for the holiday season) and a beautifully beaded Monstera Key Ring from Simba who works at the Bay Harbour Market. For the Collectors box, a Skinny laMinx large soft bucket was included.

I’ve included a video on how to set your Blumat watering device up: