I know I say this about every month. But man oh man what a great one! This month we focused on fine tuning a few things to improve our boxes, for one – the packaging! We sent out a survey at the beginning of the month and then after receiving some great responses decided to learn some new tricks to improve our packaging game. This has definitely helped and it’s been a great success having all our boxes reach subscribers in the best shape possible. Also, we had some epic contents in the boxes. Take a look:

The Plants

This month’s plant was a stunning and ever so sweet, Button Fern. Otherwise known as a Pellaea rotundifolia. I fell in love with this plant before I even knew what it was. I’ve had one in my bathroom for 4/5 years now, and it’s just been such a great plant. So when it was suggested that we go with a Button Fern for August’s Plant Club and I looked into what it was, I realised that I had it in my collection! It makes me super happy to share plants, with subscribers, that I already have in my collection because I can give specific and personal advice on them. For example I can tell you that this fern:

  • Doesn’t have to have a soggy bottom at all times like a Maidenhair Fern, and can actually withstand periods of not being watered frequently.
  • Does well in bright light or shade.
  • Grows slowly and stays small- the species doesn’t get very large even in optimum conditions in the wild.
The gifts

This month’s gift- hand made ceramic pots from Haptik Handbuilt Ceramics- had been in the pipeline for some months. I’d seen Rose of Haptik do some amazing pieces in the studio and I thought this would be a great opportunity to showcase her talent to a wider audience, at the same time as getting a real stunner of a gift for subscribers. Each pot is completely individualistic in style and you can see how Rose achieved her artistic sense in the great sweeps of glazes that run across the pots- this work is inspired by geographical contours, the ocean and the mountains. You can find more of her work here via this link.

If you’d like to check out some video content for a review of the boxes, you can check this out: