Plant Club: Keeping a secret during the time of Social Media.

One of the premises of Plant Club is that you don’t know what you’re getting and it’s supposed to be a happy surprise when you open your package. That build up of excitement and anticipation can all be lost in this day in age as people receiving their packages at varying times post to social media and if you’ve seen what’s in someone else’s package – you can guess what you’re receiving. The delay in time can be quite large. The earliest people would be receiving their package would be on the first Tuesday of the month and the latest would be that Friday. Because of this I’ve come up with some Social Media etiquette for the package arrival week.

If you’re a subscriber and you receive your package before others consider doing the following:

Adding a blacked out #saffronsgardenplantclub #spoileralert page to your FB or Insta story – this will alert others who are still waiting.

Waiting for the Saturday of that week if you want to share a post – that way you’ll be sharing a time when everyone will have received their packages.

If it’s mid-week and you’re still waiting for your surprise package, then try:

Avoid looking at related hashtags: These include #saffronsgarden and #saffronsgardenplantclub.

All in all, surprises can bring joy to one- and theres nothing like a good collective surprise to bolster the plant loving community. Let me know if there’s anything I can do, to help with this.

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