One thing I wanted to achieve when I started Plant Club, was to build a strong sense of community between and for plant lovers.

Yes, so far Plant Club has been able to achieve this in the shared experience of the opening of a surprise plant package each month. But I’ve been thinking that it needs more meat to its bones. So here are some ways I’ve pinpointed to beef this up:

Facebook Community Group

One of the best ways for large groups of people to organise over the internet is through Facebook groups. Saffron’s Garden Plant Club Facebook group is one where members of Plant Club not only get to meet each other, show off their plants but also where they can ask questions to our plant experts.

If you’re a past or current member of SGPC, you can request to join the group via this link .


That one time when we all bought the same plant


If you’re more of an Instagram soul, then we’ve set up a hashtag for you to connect with other members, to view past experiences and to interact with our team.

The Instagram hashtag where we store related content is rather long, but definitley unique: #SaffronsGardenPlantClub

I’m also always available to answer your questions via direct messages.



Sure, this is a rather funny train of thought during a pandemic, but as someone who has helped organise Plant Circle and Cape Town Plant Swaps, I know the benefit to the community in meeting one another.

These meetups can take the form of plant tours, plant swaps and educational discussions.

We might even be able to organise a virtual version of these for the current space we find ourselves in.