#FollowFriday: Indoor Plants

If you know me, you know that I hold the South African plant community dear to my heart.

I really learnt about the power of community when I joined Instagram in 2016 with my plant handle, @saffronsgarden. And at first, I connected with loads of international people, and I was super jealous of what amazing support systems they had grown with their regional networks. Slowly, (whether it just takes time to find like-minded accounts or whether we were a little bit behind) South Africa started growing a steady influx of plant lover dedicated accounts and plant-shop Instagram fronts.

I believe that any healthy community is made up of individuals who not only connect but also support one another. And this is why I endeavour to support plant-based businesses and personalities.

If you’re new to the indoor plant community here is a good ‘starter-pack’ of Instagram accounts to follow:





There are tons more of these accounts – all are amazing and the people behind them are super friendly. If you’d like to see more, you can find a list of people to follow on my profile in a story highlight ‘PlantInsta ZA”.

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