Processed with VSCO with c6 presetThe Plant: Calathea zebrina

Man oh man this was one exciting month!

I heard from a grower that a new batch of Calathea zebrina had come in and I immediately knew that this had to be the plant for June’s plant club!

I absolutely love Calathea, and I even did a video of a very exciting unboxing of my first Calathea haul from Plantify. I’ve added it for you to drool over.

What made it so special was that I didn’t even have a Calathea zebrina in my collection – so I would be getting something out of Plant Club too!

When I picked up the plants, they exceeded my expectations – lush, big and those patterns were just oh so very bold.

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For some reference, the basics of looking after this bad boy are rather simple:

  • They love humidity (like all Calatheas)
  • They like to be wet
  • Shaded light – think 3m from a window out of direct sunlight.

Some issues you might find with Calatheas:

  • Their leaf edges brown easily
  • Due to their humidity loving environment, you might have more of an issue with pests hanging around.

If you’d like some styling inspo, take a look at the following mood board I created here.


The Gift: Original Liffey Joy

Now that I had the plant in hand! I had to get moving on the gift for this month’s package!

Well. I’m extremely lucky to know one certain Liffey Joy from the Cape Town Plant Circle, and I knew that she had done paintings of plants before, so I approached her and asked her if she would be any chance be able to do 25 individual plant paintings – which was no small feat! Liffey jumped at the opportunity and did such an amazing job, there were paintings of trio-stars, staghorn ferns and many other good-looking plants!

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I highly recommend Liffey as an artist, and if you want to view any more of her work you can find some here, here and here.

I can’t wait to start organising next month’s package – I hope you’re excited as I am!