It’s been quite a while since my last blog post! For good reason too, when I haven’t been mothering the animals and the baby, or watering my hoard of plants I’ve been moonlighting for the gardening app, Candide.

My job at Candide mostly consisted of adding industry related businesses to their database, or writing articles about specific South African gardens or nurseries. If you’re a plant lover gardener god or goddess I can highly recommend that you download the app. It was a great experience working for them and it’s made me think of pivoting the goal of my Saffron’s Garden blog. Initially I thought it would be great to review garden centres and the like for my blog and to try and categorise them for the everyday South African gardening enthusiast. But once I discovered Candide I realised that this app not only had the capacity but also the crowd reviewing capability that I could never as a single blogger achieve. So I’ve decided to put a pause on my program of the world domination and categorisation of garden centres.

Candide has an awesome ‘places’ section that gives you so much information about plant related events and businesses

I’m going to instead focus on what you want to read about. I’ve had suggestions asking me to write about certain plants, styling indoor plants, where to get specific plants and how to look after hard to care for plants. I also want to foster a deep connection amongst the plant community and one way which I’ve been doing that is to create the Saffron’s Garden Plant Club. It’s helped me reach people and drool over plants in a way that I never thought was possible. Another way I’ve been busy helping the plant community connect is through WhatsApp groups. If you’re a great indoor plant enthusiast and don’t mind getting spammed about various indoor plant related news, send me an email with your number and I’ll add you!

Some of the awesome people that are part of the Plant Circle WhatsApp group.

So yes, I do blog your pardon for my recent silence, but I do promise it won’t last. I’m here with a flurry of energy, ready to be friends with you, to share what knowledge I have and to connect on a new level. You have my email address, my instagram handle and my facebook page at the tip of your fingers, if there’s anything you want to say or ask me, please don’t hesitate!