Plantify is defined as an ‘Urban plantery’ which basically just means that they’re a nursery of sorts. What makes them particularly different from a traditional nursery lies in more than just their name- they offer an online shopping experience, are up to date on current plant trends and have a great digital presence. Plantify focuses on indoor plants, so I’ve broken the review into categories accordingly.

Common House Plants

Common houseplants (generally those low maintenance ‘classics’) can include plants such as Ficus lyrata, Sansevieria or Pothos. Plantify seems to keep a few of these classics in stock at all times, but don’t expect to find all of these typical plants at once. Plantify’s strength rather remains in their ability to source unusual and on trend plants that are not necessarily common in South Africa.

Foliage Plants

Plantify has a great selection of plants known for their foliage. To name a few: You can find an amazing Begonia Maculata with its funky spots, Calathea of various shapes and sizes and a few beauties from the Ctenanthe family. There are a number of plants in this grouping that you can’t easily find at other nurseries and Plantify has done a great job at bringing them together and showcasing what good foliage looks like.

Rare Plants

Occasionally, Plantify manages to acquire rare plants. Because of their wide reach through social media, these plants are never around for very long. If you’re searching for something in particular, I would recommend messaging and enquiring about it beforehand and then keeping your finger on the pulse for when it does become available. The fact that rare plants are being made available to the broader public is still extremely helpful- up until now you would have had to be in the know to know, you know?


In terms of accessories, there isn’t much to see here- there are a few pesticides and gardening sets available- but nothing to write home about. What is quite cool is their basket and planter section. Most nurseries in South Africa have stock standard pots that are replicas of each other. At Plantify you can find baskets and pots that have been made by local brands with a specific angle at quality production.

Customer Care

My favourite thing about Plantify is their team. Whether you’re new to plants or a hard collector, they’ve created a space to be who you are and to ask the questions you want to ask. There is no pretentiousness and many a time, I’ve had someone go out of their way to help me.

I’ve often used Plantify and am always so excited about the plants they bring out. Either keep in the loop with their online shop or pop in to their store on Kloof Nek road. I promise you won’t be disappointed.