If you’re not careful, you might just drive past the Valley Nursery in Hout Bay without noticing it. Situated on a farmstall compound, a stone’s throw away from the larger Earthworks nursery, the nursery is a charming place to stop by.

Family Friendly

The fact that the nursery is part of the Valley Farmstall, makes it an even more worth while and tempting stop. The Black and Brew restaurant on site serves up great dishes in large portion sizes. There is also a jungle gym, a yard of farm animals and a bike track. Needless to say, this place is definitely a hit with kids.


If you’re into growing your own greens, then the Valley Nursery won’t disappoint. They focus on organically grown vegetables and have a nice variety to choose from. I even spotted some lemongrass which is not easily found at your average nursery. The plants look healthy and are quite obviously raised with integrity.


There are quite a few shade appropriate bedding plants as well as some large succulent specimens. What did struck me as rather cute and interesting is the garden decor artefacts- I saw gnomes and mosaic pieces scattered between plants.

If you’re looking for a large variety of plats this is probably not the nursery for you. Valley Nursery is a little hidden gem- visit it for organic vegetable plants, to browse new stock and to feel like you’ve just stepped into a very peaceful secret garden.