Hi all!

Wow, this past weekend was so much fun. Not only was it my baby girl’s first birthday (I can’t believe I have a one year old never mind a whole baby!) but we also hosted the first Cape Town plant swap!

When myself and some other plant lovers initially met and decided to try and host such an event, we had no idea what to expect. Some of the questions we asked ourselves were: Would enough people pitch up? How did a plant swap work exactly? Where should we host it?

Well, not only did a few people pitch up, we had a whopping 50 people + rock up at our awesome venue at the Greenhouse Nursery.

I met some awesome people from the plant community and swapped my philodendron and small-leaf spiderwort cuttings for quite an epic haul. In the following video I go through my box of plant haul items! Take a look and tell me if you have any of the following plants, and if so: Any tips?

A big shout out to the plant community in Cape Town for being so welcoming!