I live in Hout Bay, so I know Earthworx well. I’ve twice sourced plants from here for landscaping projects and have come to enjoy talking to the staff in their friendly orange outfits. If you’re wondering what this nursery has to offer, I’ve broken it down into categories that I’ve found helpful.

House plants

The house plants section has recently been upgraded with an extension definitely worth the wait. Previously this section was lacking and not even a rubber plant could be found. Now, there are a wide range of ferns, rubber plants and all sorts. They even have some amazing mounted Staghorn ferns.


There is not much of a selection of succulents available. There are a handful of small succulents near the indoor plant selection and then a larger area of succulents on the main outdoor floor. You won’t find anything unique though and these succulents are largely for bedding purposes. They are in good condition and are large healthy plants available at reasonable prices.


The vegetable section is quite well stocked and I have often found something that I haven’t been able to easily locate at other nurseries- such as lemon verbena or camomile. Sometimes the veg is in poor condition and the plants look slightly worse for wear.

Other garden plants

The layout of the types of plants available is well structured and is clearly demarcated with orange signage. It’s easy to see what the stock looks like in each section and there seems to be a good tree, grass and shrub selection available. Despite the beautiful pond they have, the aquatic plant section is limited to Water Lilies, Irises and Cyprus.

accessories and tools

The pot section is adequate. There are many in stock although the variety is somewhat limited. You can find the normal glossed pots inside (mainly white, grey, green and blue in colour) and then outside, some bigger cement and stone pots. Earthworx has wooden fences and the like available (mostly supplied by The Pole Yard) as well as metal features such as gazebos and outdoor furniture. The tool section isn’t the most unique I’ve seen, but you will definitely find your basics like shovels and shears.

family friendly

Earthworx is definitely family friendly. ‘Nutmeg’ is the nursery restaurant and is medium sized with undercover seating incase of foul weather. The restaurant is also dog friendly, and as long as your dog is on a leash and is well behaved then he will be greeted with a smile. There are two play areas for children to enjoy. You need to buy a ticket for entry to the bigger area, the ‘Enchanted Forest’, but it’s well worth the money with a large jungle gym and various other activities. The second smaller area is alongside the restaurant and allows parents to sit and watch their children while enjoying a meal or drink. If you have kids, also look out for the little fairy garden alongside the indoor plant section. It’s charming and you can purchase similar little houses or fairies from the shop inside.

Eathworx Garden World is definitely one of the prettier nurseries, with a backdrop of mountains, it’s easy to be charmed by this nursery. The lay out is easy to navigate and the staff are very friendly. As long as you’re not looking for rare plants or odd items, you’re likely to be very happy visiting this nursery,